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"Listen to Cobber read his poem in his gentle voice. It's titled simply 'Gallipoli" and is about the iconic battlefield that has helped define Australia's identity early in the twentieth century."

 By Andrew Collins (2014) ABC Great Southern WA


Bush Poetry & Awards

Mildew's Romance

"Listen to Keith recite one of his short poems, Mildew's Romance, for a lesson in how to do a "short poem, not too long, with a gag at the end."

By Sharon Kennedy (2009) ABC South West WA

Fringe World 2019

"A true fringe form of spoken word, bush poetry uses rhythmic structure, colloquialisms and folklore to create stories that are easily accessible and often times hilarious.

Definitive highlight of the night goes to Australian Bush Poetry Champion Keith Lethbridge and his incredibly haunting poem about finding a piano in an old hall that, once played, conjures an incredibly visual and beguiling ghost serenade.


Not to be outdone by some of the other bawdy poems on offer, Lethbridge’s mock bid to become the next Prime Minister was raucous in its earnestness and swerving allusions."

Review by WA Performance Poet, Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM)

The Derby Bush Poets 2010

"Keith "Cobber" Lethbridge has performed at all 15 Derby Bush Poets Breakfast. A champion yarn-spinner and great on the gumleaf."

By Hilary Smale (2015) ABC Rural

Tamsworth Songwriters' Association (TSA) Awards 2019

"The big winner on the night was the Dale Duncan recorded Station Minderoo which won two awards, Traditional or Bush Ballad of the Year and the major TSA Country Song of the Year for co-writers Terry Bennetts & Keith Lethbridge."

By Country Music Bulletin (2019)

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